Turtle photo-bomber!

Pawi the turtle photobomber

We were posing for a group photo at Apo Island when this sea turtle surfaced to breathe and photo-bombed! This shallow area in Apo Island, Negros Oriental, Philippines is a feeding ground for sea turtles. Just like what my friend Genesis said, this is a reminder that humans and creatures like this gentle pawikan can co-exist.

Did you know that?

Green sea turtles are “endangered” and it is illegal to collect, harm, or kill them.

Apo Island in the Philippines is one of the world’s best known community-managed Marine Protected Area.

Happy Earth Day 2015!

66 thoughts on “Turtle photo-bomber!

  1. Hi Diuvs,
    My name is Brittany Auger and I am a producer with NBC News in New York. We are interested in showing this photo tomorrow on our TODAY Show broadcast – it’s amazing! Can you confirm this is a 100% authentic photo?
    Thanks so much!
    Brittany Auger

  2. Thank your for featuring our photo with the sea turtle on your websites.

    Though we appreciate the publicity, we would like to ask for help to promote marine wildlife conservation, environmental protection and sustainable ecotourism not just in the Philippines but everywhere. Also we hope that you can visit the Philippines so you can experience awesome nature, culture and adventure.

    We hope you can help us with this goal.

    Happy Earth Day!

    Best regards,

  3. Hi Diuvs,

    I work for an international news agency based in the UK and would love to discuss syndicating this amazing turtle photo with us.

    I’d love to help you get your image published in UK national newspapers and possibly in a selection of international publication.

    Please email me harry@catersnews.com

    Many thanks,


  4. Good morning, like all other media outlets, I would like to feature the sea turtle photobomb on a story I’m writing for Cox Media Group’s websites. I will post a link as soon as it is published if granted permission. Thank you.

    1. sure! It’s our pleasure to share the photo. Also, through it, we would like to promote marine wildlife conservation, environmental protection and sustainable eco-tourism. Thanks!

  5. Hi i would like to request permission to use your turtle photo for my blog article for Blogph.net about your picture.

      1. (Close up detail of turtle’s face)
        His giant eye doesn’t blink
        It glances and descends
        It sees the sun’s path from below
        Mouth’s a maw
        Taking in everything, all
        Overseen by that eye,
        God’s toy.

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