Your trash swam a thousand smiles



These plastic came from the other side (from Manila most likely). The currents brought them a thousand miles. But those who threw them weren’t sorry for the things they have done.

We included a coastal cleanup for our Project Lingap at Cabra Island, Lubang, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. ( I will write more stories about our Project Lingap in future posts). But a day’s effort to clean a less than a kilometer stretch of beach was not enough.  We got plastics full of drinking straw, footwear, PET bottles and wrappers.

lubang mosoon
The Northeast monsoon brings trash from Manila to the northeast side of  Cabra Island During the Southwest monsoon, trash is on the other side.



That was only a less than a kilometer stretch of beach but our efforts weren’t enough to clean it.


We collected lots of footwear, drinking straws, PET bottles and plastic sachets.


The Ocean Conservancy said in a report that  60 percent of the plastic trash flowing into the sea originates from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Did you know that 46,000 pieces of  these plastic float in the ocean per square mile?


We involved the kids hoping they too will be aware. Hoping also that this activity will be an opener to others. (Photos by Kyle Baculanta)



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