Gaspar Island, Marinduque

The water was a gradient of azure to jade as we approached the island. The weather was perfect: sunny, blue skies speckled with clouds & a light breeze. At the back of rocky Gaspar Island were pocket beaches, a perfect private camp for a Survivor castaway.



Approaching Gaspar Island.



Ala “Survivor” beach of Gaspar Island. 



We went here for marine invertebrates specimen collection. You can also snorkel in the reef area.


Gaspar Island together with Melchor & Balthazar consist the Tres Reyes Islands off the coast of Gasan, Marinduque.(Yes, they were named after the three kings of the Nativity). The town of Gasan was named after gasang or gasang-gasang, meaning coral which were said to be abundant before. I have only seen the underwater of Gaspar Island, but hopefully coral cover is still high in other sites. Marinduque, an island province and the fifth smallest in the Philippines, is shaped like a heart and is in the heart of  the country. It must be the tragic love affair of Mariin and Gatduke, who drowned themselves because of forbidden love, that formed this heart-shaped island.


Children at the jump-off beach in Gasan. Students in Gaspar Island cross the sea by boat everyday to attend school in the mainland. We donated pencils and other school supplies to them. 



A fisherman fixes his net in Barangay Pingan, the jump-off beach to Tres Reyes Islands. 

See what’s underwater:


How to go there?

1. To go to Tres Reyes Islands, rent a boat at Barangay Pingan, Gasan (PhP 700-1500).

2. You can hire a jeepney or ride a tricycle to go around Marinduque.

3. Marinduque can be reached via a Roll on-Roll off (RoRo) from Lucena, Quezon.

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